typical production timetable 1

This timetable is representative of the manufacture of a typical incinerator
with a capacity under 50 Kg/Hr. It assumes 5 days per working week.

day 001

Having identified the need for an incinerator the client contacts Techtrol and asks us to tender a price for the required specification.

day 002

We prepare detailed costings and technical drawings are used to confirm suitabilty for the building where the incinerator will be installed.

day 003

We present our proposals to the client. Issues that the client should be aware of are raised.

day 008

The client informs us that we have been successful in our bidding and we are awarded the contract.

day 009

It is usual for sales invoices to be issued on a stage basis. The first invoice is raised for 25% of the overall sales price.

day 010

Drawing plans commence using computer aided design (CAD).

day 013

The first orders are placed for the raw materials.

day 016

The construction of the incinerator commences.

day 055

All the work that is possible on our premises is completed and arrangements are made with the client regarding the date of delivery.

day 056

A sales invoice is raised for 65% of the overall sales price bringing the total invoiced to 90%.

day 060

Once complete the unit is transported from here to the client and installed.

day 063

The incinerator is slowly brought up towards the standard operating temperature, constantly being monitored.

day 066

The incinerator is commissioned and operators trained.

day 067

The incinerator is handed over.

day 068

The client is left to operate the incinerator withback of our engineers via telephone or call out if required.

day 085

A sales invoice is raised for 25% of the overall sales price. This completes the invoicing.

day 130

The first quarterly (or bi-annual) service is performed by ourselves.