Incinerators and Crematory Furnaces built with technology of "Incol Incineration" and under the Exclusive License sole rights of "Techtrol Limited" of England.

Programmable cremation cycles for software. The command for operations in the front.   It doesn't occupy space in the lateral ones. Minimum busy surface of approx. 7 square meters. Long useful life of the refractory lining. Good work conditions for their great insulation. It admits all the load modalities. It structures is portable and compact.
Inferior roller to facilitate the load operation. Front of stainless steel or imitation wood.


The equipment is a compact unit, autoportable, completely automatic. The 24 hrs can be used. without premature erosion of the refractory lining. The solid metallic structure that possesses, this optimally taken advantage of, occupying an inferior surface to the 7 square meters. The door of load frontal, of type guillotines, it is of automatic working. It allows to incorporate to the Furnace the bodies with or without casket. A roller of special characteristic, located in the inferior part of the door, it facilitates the realisation of this task.
The combustion system is integrated strategically by burners located, working to natural or packed gas and/or gas oil. The operation cycles are programmable by means of software, assuring a low operative cost as much in fuel as in electric power.
The system of security allows that the dependability is total and this fitting to the normative ones demanded by the Institute of the Argentine Gas. The time of residence of the gases in the Secondary Chamber is superior to the 2 seconds.
Their installation is very quick since it doesn't need special foundation and it surrenders completely ensembles and interconnected.
The emission of gases, this exempt of scents and polluting particles, including a permanent monitoring system to verify the limpidity of the same ones. Keeping in mind the importance of the gathering of the ashes in the cremation, two recipients are provided; one to extract them for the superior part to the height of the load door and another in the inferior area, by means of a box for all ashes.
They are presented in the market three models each one of them with characteristic own, offering optional accessories, as Processor of Bony Remains and Stretchers of manual or hydraulic working.



Front of stainless steel or imitation wood. Door external double jamb in refined stainless steel.
Two recipients for retirement of ash, superior and inferior. System of gases monitoring antipollution. Door of load type guillotine of automated upward opening. Combustion equipment with burners to gas or gas oil.
Front roller for displacement of the container of the body. Chimney in isolated stainless steel with metallic cover


Of characteristic identical to the JET-PAK, alone that with oneself metallic structure two furnaces contains that allow to make two simultaneous cremations.


Front coloured foil with synthetic enamel. A recipient, for retirement of ash, at the superior part  Door of load of type guillotine of automated upward opening Combustion team with burners to natural gas.  Front roller for displacement of the container of the body.