TECHTROL incineration systems

pyrotec animal A50

Designed for effective simplicity, the Pyrotec A50 and A50 Plus offer a cost efficient solution for the disposal of animal carcasses, domestic pets and animal by product waste.

Having a rated throughput of less than 50Kg per hour these particular machines are exempt from the main requirements of the Environmental Protection Act, therefore not requiring the costly equipment larger incinerators have fitted. They are however, fully compliant with the statutory controls of the United Kingdom Clean Air Act as required.


The generous chamber volume, accessed by the full size loading door, can accommodate unbutchered animal carcasses up to pig or sheep size quite easily. For domestic pets the unit can be operated for single individual cremations or multiple disposal with token ash collections.

For the destruction of animal by-products or specified offal the standard loading aperture door can be used or alternatively an optional continuous screw feeder arrangement can be utilised. This ensures an even feed rate of the waste material into the chamber but the large sized feed hopper allows periodic loading as the waste is produced.

The A50 is a basic design available with various options for emission and/or odour control. If required an afterburner and secondary combustion chamber can be fitted via a single arrangement to ensure that any volatile waste gases are destroyed prior to emission to atmosphere, as shown.

A50 Plus

The A50 Plus is a more sophisticated design that comes complete with enlarged secondary chamber as standard.

Both primary and secondary chambers are temperature controlled which leads to excellent fuel economy and burning efficiency.

The A50 Plus is also fitted with a sophisticated control system and door interlocks to ensure maximum operator safety.


Manually loaded Animal Remains Incinerator, manufactured to a high specification. Complete with sufficient primary and secondary burners to ensure clean combustion.

Full sized loading door, fully insulated firebrick lining and cast refractory hearth. Fitted with winch access point within rear wall to facilitate easier loading.

Supplied complete with 8m fully insulated refractory lined chimney.

Models available in oil, gas and LPG fuel.

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